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Founded in 1973, Swees Engineering has remained committed in delivering high quality products to its clients globally. The company has 2 main divisions namely ‘Plastics Division’ and ‘Rubber Division’. Each division comprises a wide range of products to suit different industrial needs. The company believes that in this way, it is able to provide a versatile product range for different market segments.
Besides standard sizes and stock shapes, the company offers fabrication as well as moulding services, with the aim of ‘providing solutions for our customers’. Where customized shapes or sizes are required, Swees Engineering is able to offer various solutions in accordance with our clients’ requirements.

ChloroPlast Neoprene Rubber Sheet

ChloroPlast Neoprene rubber sheet is distinguished by its great resistance to ozone. It is resistant to weather conditions and many chemicals. It is also characterized by good mechanical properties and a wide range of operating temperatures. ChloroPlast Neoprene rubber sheets are very popular due to the broad range of applications in which they can be used, especially for applications that have increased exposure to harsher environments.

Neoprene Rubber Sheet Properties

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Neoprene Rubber Sheet


Neoprene rubber is a versatile synthetic rubber that finds applications in a wide range of industries due to its excellent physical properties and chemical resistance. Here are some industries where Neoprene rubber is commonly used

Chemical Processing

Neoprene rubber is used in chemical processing equipment for its resistance to a wide range of chemicals and acids


Neoprene rubber is used in the marine industry for gaskets, seals, and wetsuits due to its resistance to water and saltwater environments.


Neoprene rubber is used in the construction industry for applications such as weatherstripping, roofing materials, bridge bearings, and expansion joints due to its weather resistance and durability.



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